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Wuhan round-trip flight grounded all of nanjing with first forced
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  March 27, summer 2011 implementation of civil aviation flight plan, nanjing round-trip flight of wuhan all grounded. This is since the han operation emu, with lines of force stop first flight of civil aviation.

  In 2009, the conjunction of 250 kilometers per passenger special line, move martial open car from wuhan to nanjing as long as three hours every day, now have three times, second-class seat only 180 yuan tickets per person, more than 90% attendance. Wuhan round-trip flights a day two in nanjing class, respectively is auspicious peng aviation, fresh, wholesome ticket CSN for 730 yuan (excluding fuel and the airport-tax), daily attendances below 50%, except holidays outside, almost BanBan losses.

  These two years, airlines want to the many ways, launched two discount ticket, but two city airport every city centre far from slump. Still, rate Sometimes, a flight only 30 more passengers. Both airlines said quarter this year, jinghu high iron nanjing south railway station, wuhan put into operation formally after the emu will increase to nanjing, realize the basic public transport operations, aviation passenger will decrease. At this time, choose to quit, is the most appropriate.

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